The Peak of Inspiration

Electronic Drums EFNOTE 7X

Snare drum stand, tom stand and cymbal stands are optional.

Hi-hat stand and kick pedal are not included.

Drives Your Creativity

EFNOTE 7X is designed to inspire artists with a modern setup and classic appearance. The unparalleled playability and beautiful sounds will continue to drive your imaginations.

This complete kit is one of the most musical electronic drums in history.

Respect for Acoustic

EFNOTE believes that different touches created by size and depth, thereby enhancing player's performance, and the diverse appearance of cymbals immerses audiences in your sound.

Tradition and Innovation

The cutting-edge technology is fused with the beautiful style of vintage drums.

The proportion is beautiful but bold, authentic but stimulating.

New 17" FX Cymbal - Real-Feel

A new patent-pending structure is used to reproduce the light touch of trashy cymbals.

See and touch the real wobbling.

New 17" FX Cymbal - Stackable

Finally, electronic cymbals can be stacked.

The new technology STAK™ enables stacking of a 8" splash cymbal onto the 17".

New 17" FX Cymbal - Suspendable

EFNOTE's innovation has further enabled the suspended cymbal setting.

This STAK™ mount is one result of respect for the acoustic musical instruments.

9-Sensor Snare Drum

The new 14 x 5.5" snare drum with exclusively optimized multi-sensor responds to delicate touches.

Moreover, 10 lugs allow for high head tension and the larger side-rim ensures unprecedented comfort.

The Unwavering Confidence

The 20 x 15" kick drum props the whole drum set on stage by completely absorbing impacts of the beater throughout the large head.

Experience the True Low-Rebound

13 x 13 "and 15 x 15" floor toms reminiscent of the rich resonance of the shell.

The multi-sensored design reliably captures your performance even with less responsive head tension.

Advanced Sensing Structure

The sensor design optimized based on many years of experiences. It evens out the sensitivity and conveys the player's intention and dynamics without deterioration, to support perfect playabliity.

Touch and feel the new experience.

The 20" Ride Is Here!

The ultimate comfort that the electronic cymbals have finally reached.

The 20" diameter provides slow wobbling of edge and the quick response of bow/cup, and the hand-hammering-like surface that simulates a hammered cymbal makes sticks bounce naturally.

The Finest Hi-Hat Cymbals

Thanks to the remarkable Tru-Motion™ technology with multi-optical-sensor (patent pending), ultra-high precision gap detection and unlimited free movement of top/bottom cymbals are realized, which were difficult with conventional electronic drums.

Evolving ELISE™ Sensing Chip

The ELISE sensing technology is improved day by day, for capturing fine rolls, strokes from soft touches to extra-hard, and slight nuances of footwork.

Describing Textures of Vintage Drums

Good old collector's drum sets are newly recorded for EFNOTE 7X, are mastered carefully with minimal processing. The Tru-Aco™ sound technology brings out the full texture and original vividness of the sounds.

Various Optional Components

    EFNOTE offers a wide range of options as a comprehensive drum brand.

    All optional components have the same design language and are fully software compatible, so you are free to extend your customized kit.

For Training

  • Multi-function metronome with beat LED indicator
  • Built-in metronome speaker for daily training without headphones
  • On-board recording function (15 songs)
  • Stroke Analyzer
  • Rhythm Box feature provides over 90 basic drum beats

For Recording

  • USB 8-ch individual audio outputs with Mac / Windows (ASIO)
  • USB 2-ch audio inputs for playback
  • Analog 4-ch audio outputs
  • USB MIDI in/out with individual MIDI channels
  • MIDI output (5-pin DIN)
  • On-board drum recording (15 songs)

For Small Gigs

  • Setlist feature enables you to configure kit order with tempo for each song
  • Kick and Snare can be output individually with analog 4-ch outputs
  • Click and Audio-In can be assigned only for headphones
  • High-power headphones output
  • MIDI output (5-pin DIN)

Stroke Analyzer

  • "Stroke Scope" displays your strike points on time-line
  • "Accuracy Score" estimates your strike accuracy

Sound Edit

  • Tuning, Muffling, 2-band EQs for each pad
  • Pad layer function can overlay two sounds
  • User Inst Library enables you to store 128 customized instruments
  • On-board reverb
  • Dedicated level control screen

Flexible Audio Routing

  • 10-ch output buses
  • Flexible output routing for each pad
  • Output assignable click
  • Output: 4-ch analog / 8-ch USB
  • Input: Analog / Bluetooth / 2-ch USB


  • Bluetooth audio-in provides you to play along with Spotify™ / YouTube™ with your smartphone
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • EFNOTE Tools App for control remotely

EFNOTE Tools - Carry Data with You

You can backup, restore, and share drum kit data and trigger settings with your smartphone.

EFNOTE Tools - Get New Drum Kits

Visit the official Kit Library to get the new drum kit data.

There you will surely find ideas that inspire your creativity.

EFNOTE Tools - Adjust Remotely

For small gigs, drummers often cannot rely on FOH engineers.

Now you can remotely adjust the each pad level while playing back your beat with the built-in recorder.

EFNOTE Tools - Swap Sounds

The Swap feature makes it easy to swap each sound of toms or cymbals.

It helps you changing the set up and editing kits.

Customized kit setups by using optional components are shown for some images.

Specifications and photos shown are prototypes and actual products may vary.

Some of technologies and designs are under patent pending.

Company names, brand names, etc. appear in photos are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.


EFNOTE 7 / EFNOTE 7X Preset Drum Kit Sound

  • The raw sound of EFNOTE 7X preset kits are recorded via USB (only the volume is adjusted)
  • Listening with headphones is recommended
  • Data format: .WAV file (48 kHz/24 bit)
Vintage POWER
Vintage Coated '70s
Birch Shells
First Note
Great Strokes
Gentle Notes
Maple King
Neo Classic
Light Bodies
Solid Attack

Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.

Customize Examples

Items required:

  • 1x Rack Tom 10": EFD-T1070-BO
  • 2x Tom Mount: EFD-TM5

  • Using the TOM 1 cable for the new 10”, and the TOM 2 cable for the 11”.

    The Tom Stand (basket type) is not used.

Items required:

  • 1x Standard Cymbal 18”: EFD-C18
  • 1x Cymbal Stand: EFD-CS5

  • Using the TOM 4 cable for the 18" cymbal.

    In this case, you need to change instrument assigns for the Tom 4 pad.

    All Crash Cups are not supported with this setup.


Drum / Cymbal Pads

Kick EFD-K2015
  • Size: 20 x 15"
  • Zone: Head
  • Sensor: Multi
  • Head: Double-layered mesh with beater patch
  • Connector: Head (TRS Phones)
  • Features: Wood hoop
Snare EFD-S1455
  • Size: 14 x 5.5"
  • Zone: Head / Rim / Side-Rim
  • Sensor: Multi
  • Head: Double-layered mesh
  • Connector: Head/Rim, Side-Rim (2x TRS Phones)
  • Features: Birch shell, Colored hoop rubber, Side-Rim
Tom EFD-T1180
  • Size: 11 x 8"
  • Zone: Head / Rim
  • Sensor: Multi
  • Head: Double-layered mesh
  • Connector: Head/Rim (TRS Phones)
  • Features: Birch shell, Colored hoop rubber
Floor Tom 1 EFD-T1313
  • Size: 13 x 13"
  • Zone: Head / Rim
  • Sensor: Multi
  • Head: Double-layered mesh
  • Connector: Head/Rim (TRS Phones)
  • Features: Birch shell, Colored hoop rubber
Floor Tom 2 EFD-T1515
  • Size: 15 x 15"
  • Zone: Head / Rim
  • Sensor: Multi
  • Head: Double-layered mesh
  • Connector: Head/Rim (TRS Phones)
  • Features: Birch shell, Colored hoop rubber
Hi-Hat EFD-H14
  • Size: 14" (Top/Bottom)
  • Zone: Bow / Edge / Cup
  • Sensor: Multi (360° flat sensing + choke) / Optical
  • Connector: 6-pin
  • Features: Multi-optical sensor, Tru-motion™ hi-hat, Weight simulation, Fine engraved surface
  • General hi-hat stands compatible with φ12.7 mm (1/2") hole cymbal can be used.

    EFNOTE 7X sound module does not support hi-hat cup zone.

Crash EFD-C16
  • Size: 16"
  • Zone: Bow / Edge / Cup
  • Sensor: Multi (360° flat sensing + choke)
  • Connector: Bow/Edge, Cup (2x TRS Phones)
  • Features: Weight simulation, Fine engraved surface
Effect EFD-C17FX
  • Size: 17" with 8 holes
  • Zone: Bow / Edge
  • Sensor: Multi (360° flat sensing + choke)
  • Connector: Bow/Edge (TRS Phones)
  • Features: STAK™ cymbal mount, Weight simulation, Fine engraved surface, Hand-hammering-like surface
Ride EFD-C20
  • Size: 20"
  • Zone: Bow / Edge / Cup
  • Sensor: Multi (360° flat sensing + choke)
  • Connector: Bow/Edge, Cup (2x TRS Phones)
  • Features: Weight simulation, Fine engraved surface, Hand-hammering-like surface
Splash EFD-C08
  • Size: 8"
  • Zone: Bow / Edge
  • Sensor: Multi (360° flat sensing + choke)
  • Connector: Bow/Edge (TRS Phones)
  • Features: Weight simulation, Fine engraved surface

Sound Module: EFD-7X

Trigger Interface
  • 3-Zone: Snare, Crash 1/2*, Ride
  • 2-Zone: Tom 1/2/3/4, HH, Crash 3
  • 1-Zone: Kick
  • Crash 1/2 support 3-zone with using Tom 4/Crash 3 cables.

    In the EFNOTE 7X configuration, the Crash 2 cup is not supported when the EFD-C17FX is used.

Audio / MIDI Interface
  • Line (1/2) Output: 2x TS Phone (+4dBu, Unbalanced)
  • Phones (3/4) Output: Stereo Mini-Phone (320 mW + 320 mW @32Ω)
  • Audio Input: Stereo Mini-Phone (+2dBu Max)

  • USB Audio: 8-ch Output / 2-ch Input (Mac/Windows ASIO)
  • USB MIDI In/Out
  • Bluetooth Audio Input
  • Bluetooth MIDI In/Out
  • MIDI Out: 5-pin DIN
Drum Kits / Instruments
  • Preset Drum Kits: 20 (Editable)
  • User Drum Kits: 80
  • Instruments: Acoustic Drums/Cymbals (Stereo), Percussion (Stereo), Attack Elements
  • User Inst Library: 128 (Can be stored customized instruments)
Edit Parameters
  • Level, Pan, Tuning, Muffling (for each pad)
  • 2-Band EQ (for each pad)
  • Ambience Effect (8 Types)
  • Pad Layer
  • 172 (W) x 106 (D) x 47 (H) mm
  • 700 g

Excluding protrusions

  • DC 12 V, 500 mA (Nominal) / 800 mA (Max)


Snare Drum Stand
/ Tom Stand
  • For 12" to 14" diameter snare drums and 11" toms
  • Geared basket tilter
  • Double braced legs
  • Tube diameter: φ19.1 mm (3/4")
  • Height adjustment range: 500 -- 650 mm
Cymbal Stand
  • Boom cymbal arm
  • Geared tilter
  • Cable holder
  • Middle tube diameter: φ19.1 mm (3/4")
  • Boom length: 400 mm
  • Height adjustment range: 800 -- 1,500 mm

Drum Kit Placement

Placement Size
  • Approx. 170 (W) x 125 (D) cm
  • Approx. 5.6 (W) x 4.1 (D) feet

Without drum throne


  • Brake-out cable: EFD-MULTI-AX
  • Brake-out cable: EFD-MULTI-B
  • 4x Trigger cable 3.0 m: EFD-TRS-LL3
  • Cymbal mount extension for STAK™
  • Cable ties
  • Quickstart guide

Snare drum stand, tom stand and cymbal stands are optional.

Kick pedal, hi-hat stand and drum throne are sold separately.

Specification and design are subject to change without prior notice.

Some of technologies and designs are under patent pending.

USB Compatibility


Apple M1 chip:

  • macOS 12.0 (Monterey), 11.4 (Big Sur) or newer
  • Sound module firmware v1.11 or newer is required. Latest firmware can be downloaded below.

Intel chip:

  • macOS 12.0 (Monterey), 11.2.3 (Big Sur) or newer
  • macOS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Windows 11, Windows 10

Operation is not guaranteed for all environments. Some computers may not be fully compatible.


Before downloading the following items, please carefully read the Software License Agreement.

Software License Agreement

Manuals (PDF)

Quickstart Guide
Reference Guide
Sound List

Drivers / Firmware / Apps

ASIO Driver

Version v1.2

- Improved stability

- Removed unneeded notifications

Consumable Parts

See the Consumable Parts page.

Support and Service

Contact your local Distributor.