10 Reasons to Choose EFNOTE Drums

Multi-Optical Hi-Hat
  • World's First Multi-Optical Sensing to Capture Hi-Hat Motions in 3D
  • Tru-Motion™ Technology for Expressiveness Leap
  • 360° Free-Swinging Top/Bottom Cymbal Design
20" Ride to 8" Splash
  • Multi-Sensored 360° Play/Choke Area
  • 3-Zone (Bow/Edge/Cup) Crash and Ride Cymbals
  • 360° Free-Swinging Design and Responsive Thin Edge
7-Sensor Snare Drum
  • Multiple Sensors for Hotspotless and High-Resolution Sounding
  • 9-Sensor for 14" Snare Drum
  • 6-Sensor for All Toms, 2-Sensor for Kicks
Independent Side-Rim
  • Easy, Intuitive and Reliable
  • No Switch Operation Required
  • Elegant Arc Design
Specializes in Acoustic
  • Full Stereo Acoustic Drum/Cymbal Samples Recorded by EFNOTE
  • Raw Sound without Resynthesis
  • 99% Capacity is Used for Acoustic Drum Sound
Player-Centric Sensing
  • ELISE™, Pursuit of Players' "In Control" Feeling Based on 20 Years Experience
  • Optimized for Full-Multi-Sensored System
Ultra-Compact Sound Module
  • Ultra-Small Form Factor with Full-Featured Spec
  • Smart Operation with Touch-Screen
  • Enhancing the Drum Set Appearance
Consistent Design
  • Beautiful White-Sparkle/Black-Oak Finish for All Shells
  • Fine Engraved Warm-Gray Finish for All Cymbals
  • Refined Metal Finish for All Sound Modules
Perfect Customizing
  • Full Compatible Various Optional Components
  • Off-the-Shelf Drum Hardware Available
Unfading Value
  • Timeless Simple Design
  • Continuous Improvement with Firmware Update
  • Global Support Network

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